Who do ya ‘Like?’ Not the A’s, Jays or Mets, that’s for sure

This map tells us plenty about who fans are rooting for across the country.

via Facebook

With a new baseball season upon us, Facebook has released a color-coded map breaking down the fan preference for every county in the United States, based on the "likes" for each MLB team’s official page.

You can see the map above, and suffice to say the New York Mets and Oakland A’s probably wish there were a "do not like" button they could push for this one.

That’s because neither team had a single county in which they received a plurality of likes. Not in New York. Not in Northern California. Not in their spring training homes. Nowhere.

(The Toronto Blue Jays also didn’t have any, but they are from Canada, so they probably get a whole country, eh?)

Anyway, judging from the map and the info passed along from Facebook, the Mets don’t stand much chance of changing that.


After all, the New York Yankees — who clearly dominate the New York market — also have the most fans nationwide. In places where there isn’t a clear MLB tie, people tend to either favor the Yankees (or sometimes the Boston Red Sox), or they like the team of the nearest adjoining state.

The A’s face a similarly daunting deficit in Northern California, where the San Francisco Giants are king.

Now, if the A’s or Mets want to turn this around, their best bets might be to move to Louisiana or Nebraska — the two places where loyalties were the most divided. If you ask us, they are just asking for a unifying team to get behind (at least until they were to see the Mets play!)

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Check out the photo and see who fans in your area are rooting for.