Streaker steals the show, but not 2B

People of Tampa Bay, you’ve had one of the best teams in baseball for half a decade now, and this year’s team is in the playoff hunt with less than two weeks to go. Yet you continually finish near the bottom in attendance (you’re last this year).

What does this team need to do to get you to come to the game — have a near-naked fan storm the field and try to steal second base?

Well, then come on down to the Trop, because in the words of Will Ferrell: That just happened!.

With a whopping 10,724 fans in attendance at Monday night’s game against the slumping Texas Rangers, somebody clad in his tighty whities did a flip over the Rangers dugout and onto the field in the fifth inning, made a line for second base, reached for the bag and was wiped out by security before he could make his getaway. Yeah, he was caught stealing.

No more words could do the situation justice, so keep scrolling to get a real taste of the action, from flip to sprint to attempted theft to apprehension — and of course, the celebration. Oh yeah, and the Rays won 6-2 to take a 1-game lead over those Rangers in the race for the No. 1 wild card spot and move a game-and-a-half up on the Indians.

As is customary, the TV crew did not want to show our story’s protagonist, but a camera focused on Rangers manager Ron Washington did catch a glimpse of him flipping on to the field.

Update: So the streaker is actually a professional prankster with a pretty serious following (280K followers) on his YouTube channel “Ross Creations”. He gives strangers wedgies and has pulled the “stealing second” act before at a prep baseball game. He wasn’t in his underwear that time, but he did make it over the wall with the base. However, Rays slugger Evan Longoria is not amused.

And away we go. (Photos by AP Images and USA Today Sports.)


H/t: Deadspin