Peavy takes home sweet new ride

Jake Peavy had such a great time at the Boston Red Sox’ championship parade that he’s taking a piece — a very large piece — home with him.

The Peavy family will need to make some room in the garage for a new vehicle, however, as a duck boat isn’t going to fit just anywhere.

After sharing the boat with Jon Lester for the entirety of Saturday’s festivities, the right-hander wanted to keep the good times rolling — literally — and he announced after the celebration that he had bought the duck boat that had driven him all throughout Boston.

Far from his first odd buy since joining the Red Sox, the bright green, colossal boat could be a nice offseason home for another one of Peavy’s investments that became a permanent fixture in the clubhouse.

Earlier in the season, Peavy’s impromptu purchase of a cigar store Indian statue became a legendary tale, just as much as it was a good luck charm for the team. If the little statue helped lead the Sox to their third title in 10 years, certainly a duck boat has to breed future success. Although, this spontaneous acquisition may have a harder time squeezing into the clubhouse.

Check out Peavy with his new ride below . . .


It’s a pretty handy ride, too, when you need something to pull a truck full of Irish rockers out of the Fenway mud. The Dropkick Murphys needed a hand after their concert — no problem for a vehicle that’s seen military action and three World Series championships.