No-Vin situation: Fans, and Scully himself, shut out from watching Dodgers

Not even Vin Scully can tune in to watch his beloved Dodgers play on nights he's not calling games.

Mark Sullivan/WireImage

A generation of Dodgers fans have been able to turn on the TV and be guaranteed of hearing this when the boys in blue take the diamond:

"It’s time for Dodger baseball! Hi, everybody, and a very pleasant good evening to you, wherever you may be."

Stan Kasten, Magic Johnson and Co. might have spent roughly $235 million in payroll on a star-studded roster, but not many in the LA area can actually see the team take the field on television. That’s because SportsNet LA, the exclusive home of all Dodgers games this season, is so far only available on Time Warner Cable — which owns the channel — and a handful of smaller operators. That leaves out DirecTV, Dish, FiOS, U-Verse, Charter and Cox — in other words, thousands of fans.

Apparently, not even Scully himself can watch his beloved team on those nights when he doesn’t call games.

According to reports, Scully is a DirecTV subscriber. Which means as of now, he and thousands of other viewers are shut out from watching their beloved Dodgers in their own living room.

When asked about the launch of SportsNet LA, Scully showed his trademark restraint in not wanting to further stir the pot of discontent among fans.


No word yet on when this mess will get settled. Typically these TV deals go down to the wire, but get settled before too much damage is done. But for now, the games must go on.

As for Dodger nation? They’re letting their disgust be known on the ultimate outlet for fan-rage, Twitter. Just have a gander: