Manny’s latest trick comes up short

Just when you thought Manny couldn’t possibly be any Mannier, he goes and does something like this … and totally reminds us why we love him!

OK, so we ripped off a line from "Dumb and Dumber", but after you get a load of Manny Ramirez’s latest gem in the Chinese Professional Baseball League, where he plays for the EDA Rhinos in Taiwan, you’ll understand why.

The video below was posted Friday, and the story goes something like this:

With none out and his EDA Rhinos trailing by a run in the top of the sixth inning, Manny found himself on first base. A sharp grounder to first had double play written all over it, so Ramirez did what any hard-nosed ballplayer would do — he steamed toward second, hell-bent on breaking up the double play. Only one problem: The throw was wide of the bag and Manny, had he been watching the play, could have ran to second base safely. Only one other problem: He could have just as easily slid safely into the bag, only he came up about six feet short.

Who does he think he is, Willie Mays Hayes? (Warning: The video below contains an obscene gesture):

But if you review the video again, what you really see is the genius of Manny Ramirez. He doesn’t make it to the bag, and he doesn’t take anybody out with a slide. So the double play’s still happening, right? Well, thanks to his base-running ingenuity, Manny forced the second baseman to come over and tag him in the baseline, thus giving the batter plenty of time to make it to first safely — so much so that a throw to first isn’t even made. Thus the high fives all around in the dugout seen in the video.

The Manny in Taiwan experiment has been quite the eventful one. So eventful, in fact, that here’s a recap of the shenanigans thus far, and we don’t need to add many words to enhance your experience.


You like slow home run trots? Then you’ll love his first homer in Taiwan.

Home run theatrics more your thing? (Including missing home plate!) He’s got you covered.

Fans greet Manny in his first game in Taiwan — with a poster of Johnny Cueto.

OK, Taiwan. When are we getting a "Manny Being Manny" reality TV show?