Model/wife of Red Sox ace confirms nude photos hacked, leaked

Lindsay Clubine, a former 'Deal or No Deal' model, and Clay Buchholz have been married since 2009.

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The Fappening — the hacked-photo scandal that has sent scores of nude and explicit photos of celebs across the Internet — has once again victimized the love interest of a high-profile MLB pitcher.

This time it is former "Deal or No Deal" briefcase model Lindsay Clubine, wife of Boston Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz.

Clubine first took to Twitter on Tuesday to express her outrage:

Then she spoke with TMZ the following day to tell her story. According to the TMZ report, Clubine confirmed that photos of her were hacked from her husband’s phone, but added that the photos were only intended to be shared by the couple, and that she is not upset that Buchholz kept the photos on his phone, exposing the couple to potential hacks.

"Clay and I are good. I send him pictures on the road," she told TMZ. "This is a terrible crime … I have my attorneys removing the pictures. This is very upsetting to my family and I."

Clubine also wanted to set the record straight with TMZ, saying that some of the more explicit photos claiming to be of Clubine are not her.

"There are pics on his phone that [a teammate] sent some of the guys that are NOT me."

She would not tell TMZ whether she would do what some other celebrity victims, such as Gabrielle Union (herself a sports wife, married to Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade), did and turn to the FBI for further assistance. But she did confirm TMZ’s reporting with some complimentary tweets:

And then took some time to clear up some misinformation out there, too:

In early September, when the most widely publicized leak was first reported, Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander and supermodel girlfriend Kate Upton were victimized, prompting Verlander to address the incident with the media.