Batkid’s big day was costly for San Fran, but does that matter?

Remember Batkid, the 5-year-old leukemia survivor who stole the hearts of thousands when he spent a day "€œfighting crime" in San Francisco last week — a production that included, among other things, the rescue of San Francisco Giants mascot Lou Seal?

In case you forgot, here’€™s a recap of the young boy, Miles Scott, at AT&T Park:

Well, Batkid’€™s day as a superhero came with a price, as most things do, and on Thursday it was announced exactly how much the city of San Francisco spent to make Scott’€™s wishes come true. The cost? $105,000.

According to the Associated Press, the majority of the money "€œwent toward renting a sound system, video screens and other equipment at the last minute to accommodate the surprisingly large crowds"€ that convened to watch Scott receive a chocolate key to the city.

Additionally, a spokesperson from the mayor’€™s office said that neither the police department nor public works office incurred any overtime expenses to accommodate Scott’€™s day, and the city said it also expects to recover some of the money from private donations.

Still, however, many remain upset at the amount that was spent making one kid’€™s day when, some argue, that money could have gone toward the betterment of several lives instead.

But here’€™s the thing. That money wasn’€™t all about Batkid. Surely, it was spent to put his day together, but the end result was an event that brought joy to everyone who was a part of it and made many, many days better.

And while $105,000 certainly is a lot, it’€™s also worth noting that the cash came from the same pot that is used to fund the city’€™s July 4th fireworks, as well as championship parades –€” including the Giants’€™ 2012 parade, which cost the city $225,000.

There will always be more worthwhile causes than there is money to fund them, and there will always be wet blankets who like to ruin everyone else’€™s fun.

But at the end of the day, Batkid’€™s crime-fighting quest was an endeavor worth funding, and the memories it generated will last a lifetime. And if that means a more low-key fireworks show next Independence Day or a shorter parade route next time the Giants win a World Series, I think I can live with that.

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