Marlins manager Don Mattingly recaps tonight’s loss after Cardinals edge Marlins 7-1

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Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly talks about the Marlins' mindset approaching game day, executing at bat, and looking to regroup against the Mets.

INTERVIEWER: Trevor, was he?

- Pretty good. Honestly, you know again, I think you can see it all getting along. Yeah, and he kind of jumped early but after that he was pretty much in the spots, using his change up, you know threw a few sliders in there. Really good until that, seemed like the Carpenter homer kind of all of a sudden, looks like the change was up to him. The change up goes in and was up a little bit. But overall really, really good.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah. Those middle and later innings are tough on all, third time through, type of thing.

- Yeah. I think it's that, and I think it's we got to keep getting our guys to-- you've got to keep pitching right? And you got to keep making pitches, and as you get tired it's harder to make pitches. You know, guys have seen you a couple times. So but I think it's again, I think a lot like Pablo. It's good for him what's going on, and to see him pitch that way he's pitching, and Trevor's throwing the ball good too. I think all these experiences are good for those guys.

INTERVIEWER: You drove the line across in the second inning. I guess, what did you see from the offense today in the long stretch there?

- Yeah. It was a lot of the same. We talked about before this series, if you don't stick with your game plan, Yadi will cut you up over there, because he's calling that game. Those young pitchers aren't calling the game. And if you don't stick with the game plan he's not going to give in. He knows you'll chase, or he knows what you'll swing at, and we've seen it the whole series.

INTERVIEWER: If something's going the second inning, you got a big hit by Biggie, then the push across, but you know.

- Yeah. You know, we've got a ballgame really even after Trevor throws the ball good. He's got us right there. Obviously it's the same type of game. Our guys throwing the ball as good as their guy. Harlingen comes in and gets out of that, and gives us another inning. And really kind of unraveled. You know they get 2 and 2 after that. So you know offensively, it just seems like, you really noticed it when JT struggled a little bit and andy struggled. And those are really the two guys in that two, three, kind of hard R order have been getting on and doing damage, and being out there for other guys. And you know, when a couple of guys in your order are struggling you all of a sudden don't look very good.

INTERVIEWER: What have you seen from Realmuto? Obviously he's going through a little rough patch here.

- I just think they're pitching him a little different, too. I think he's you know again, I think what they did Andy early, he had to make an adjustment back. He made that adjustment. Now they're doing something different now too. I think with JT, he's seen an awful lot of spin, trying to get the ball to go away from him. So I think you know, you've seen a lot of breaking stuff. Since the break, we ran into those kind of teams.

INTERVIEWER: It seems like the off day probably comes at a good time.

- We'll see on Friday right? It's only good time if you come out of it good. So obviously any time you get rest this time of year it's good but, you know, we'll see we've got to continue on and continue with the process, and get ready to play. Play hard every day, and play with the mindset that you're coming to win a game. And it gets tougher this time of year but that's what you have to do. And that's the hard part of this game. And part where we're at is getting ready to play, and having the right mindset when you come to the ballpark.

INTERVIEWER: Are you interested in learning Carpenter, two pages of the road now, provided they want a sixth, when they guy's that hot is it harder to pitch to him? Does it work around him? How do you?

- Well, you want to make pitches is what you really want to do. And again, you get the ball away. Trevor did a pretty good job with him early on, spotting the fastball up away, and then keep the ball down. If you hit the ball up and out over the plate at all with him, he's right now, he seems to be a good guy that's hard to get out. But then you get past him you still have to deal with the Yadi, and you got to deal with the rest of their guys. So he really wasn't up with men on base. And so you don't walk people, and put people out there obviously. You don't want to follow the ballpark, but you definitely don't want to you know be putting him on base all the time.