Mason Rudolph and the Oklahoma State Cowboys trounce Kansas at home

Oklahoma State dominates Kansas, 58-17

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ANNOUNCER 1: Rudolph out of the diamond. He'll keep after the play fake to Hill. And he's in for the touchdown. And Oklahoma State has opened up the scoring here on the first drive of the football game.

ANNOUNCER 2: That's Mason Rudolph's ninth rushing touchdown this season, and it's an aspect of his game that people have to realize. He is a threat in the running game. This is going to be read option all the way right here. Going to fake it in here to Washington, and pull it out. Or fake it to Hill, and pull it out. And ninth rushing touchdown, 16th.

ANNOUNCER 1: They get another first down at the 2. Hill though won't need it. Touchdown, Cowboys. 12 yards for Justice Hill.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. That's his 14th touchdown run of the season. And he just has a burst. He just does. He's going to come underneath here on the handoff.

And right there, just going to high step away from the defender at the very end. Great in the open field. Kind of a double cloud on the outside. It's looking pretty good.

ANNOUNCER 1: Rudolph looking for Stoner. He's got him across midfield. Stoner with a break of a tackle and all the way to the end zone. Touchdown, Cowboys. 76 yards on a touchdown strike from Mason Rudolph.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, another touchdown for Rudolph. The protection was really good for Rudolph to make this throw on the outside of Stoner. Nobody around him, and he knew right away he had a chance. Good, accurate deep ball. That's two completions today of 50 yards or more for Rudolph, and 29 now on the season, as he connects with Dillon Stoner.

ANNOUNCER 1: Fenefeuiaki is in that backfield with Brown. Handoff to Brown, touchdown Oklahoma State. LD Brown with his second touchdown of the season. In from a yard out.

Johnson stays back there to block for Bender. Going for the big ball. And he's got him. This is a touchdown for Kansas, as Evan Fairs scores his first touchdown of the season. 33 yards, and it comes with seven seconds left in the first half.

ANNOUNCER 2: This is a great throw, catch, and ooh. That hand comes down. Does it come down on the white stripe? It may get looked at. It is, I mean, splitting just little hairs, the palm-- they may look at this.

ANNOUNCER 1: Short field for Mason Rudolph. Looks McCleskey's way, lobs it up for Washington. Touchdown, Cowboys. Chad Whitener picks off Bender. Sets up the short field, and 30 yards later, touchdown. Rudolph to James Washington here on Senior Day. Sims breaks a tackle, reaches, touchdown Jayhawks.

ANNOUNCER 2: Great effort by Sims. Now the ball came out, but did it cross the line first? Did he get the ball in? He seems pretty sure about it.

ANNOUNCER 1: They needed two yards, and he had to reach for the last full yard there. Call on the field is a touchdown.

ANNOUNCER 2: If it stands, that was the signature drive. Bump all those plays to the resume reel of Steven Simms Jr there. Three big catches, along with the punt return.

ANNOUNCER 1: Short side of the field for Washington. Rudolph on the keep, up and into the end zone. Touchdown, Mason Rudolph. Second time today he's brought it in on his own. 47-17. Talk about a going out party for Mason Rudolph.

ANNOUNCER 2: All phases, all phases too. I mean, second touchdown run. 17 on his career. Just an inside fake here and come out. Sell it to Justice Hill. Get good blocks on the outside. Good block that time by Britton Abbott.

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