Steve Spurrier: Nick Saban hasn’t won as much as he should at Alabama

Steve Spurrier is one of college football’s true gems.

The South Carolina coach isn’t afraid to give his honest opinion, even if that means having a little fun at a rival’s expense or jokingly suggesting Alabama should be forced to sit out a year of recruiting if the SEC is concerned about "fairness."

So what did the Old Ball Coach say now?

Well, Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide are his target again.

In a recent story, Spurrier was asked about coaches working long hours and how he prefers to play a little golf in the offseason and how you can find a fault with anyone if you really want to.

Enter Saban and the success he’s had at Alabama. From the story:


It’s an honest opinion — not a "shot," as some people like to say — and Spurrier has clear respect for Saban.

He recalled an exchange he had with Saban about the hours he worked, trying to tell the Alabama coach that, you know, you don’t need to work 18 hours day all the time. From the story:

Of course, even Spurrier would agree with everyone on one thing: Maybe Alabama hasn’t accomplished everything it could have in Saban’s tenure — and Saban surely would agree — but it’s hard to knock what the Tide have.



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