Coach Krzyzewski on Duke’s win over Syracuse: ‘Both teams played their hearts out’

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Coach K commended both teams for tough, physical play in Duke's win over Syracuse.

- Yeah, well, it's a heck of a game. I thought both teams played their hearts out. A great game to win. A really difficult game to lose because Syracuse played such winning basketball.

And Jim's kids, that's their fourth NCAA game. They had won three all close games. And you could tell it was so close down the end that they were very poised. And then I was hoping our guys would match that poise and they did.

But we beat a really good team tonight. Battle is such a good player. And Jim is my dearest friend. I don't have a better friend in coaching. And he's as good a coach as there has ever been. And so it's an honor to play him. We feel very, very good about the win, obviously, because we beat not only an outstanding team, but an outstanding program.