Bagley drops 19 in his return as No. 5 Duke beats Syracuse 60-44

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Marvin Bagley had 19 points and 7 rebounds in his return against Syracuse.

DICK VITALE: He goes coast to coast with scoring ability at 6'6".

BOB WISCHUSEN: The lob and the finish!


BOB WISCHUSEN: Hanging from the rim, Marvin Bagley.

DICK VITALE: Great look by Grayson Allen playing up on top at that point.

See, I think you gotta slice him into that post area and use him as a passer.

BOB WISCHUSEN: Brissett can't connect. White with the rebound.

DICK VITALE: Scoring the basketball's been a real tough time for the Blue--

BOB WISCHUSEN: How about the lob from before he got to midcourt? Grayson Allen spotted Bagley. Timeout, Syracuse.

DICK VITALE: Not a bad combination, huh? Not a bad tandem. They love it.

--learning how to play. What a recruiting class they have coming in next year. [INAUDIBLE]. Tremendous classes that Jim Boeheim has. Oh--

BOB WISCHUSEN: Again, another perfect pass, Carter to Bagley. And Bagley able to reverse it home.

DICK VITALE: What a combination, Carter to Bagley.

Flash somebody to the middle. That's exactly where you want him to be.

BOB WISCHUSEN: Down the lane, challenged Dolezaj, as he ran into Carter.


BOB WISCHUSEN: But finally, a 3 goes, as Brissett is able to break the ice.

DICK VITALE: Wow! Hey, Mr. Brissett with a trifecta!

--the shooters next year. Buddy Boeheim can shoot it. They got a great big guy coming in, Darius Bazley. Oh.

BOB WISCHUSEN: Throwing it down is Marques Bolden.

DICK VITALE: That's a big man. That is where Duke has done all their damage.

--wanted a 3-point shot [INAUDIBLE].

BOB WISCHUSEN: A jumper finally goes down.


BOB WISCHUSEN: Duval hits a 3, and that breaks the ice for Duke.

--for Ayton urging the FBI and the NCAA-- as Trent throws one down-- to come out and clear his name, saying that they're outraged and disgusted.