Andrelton Simmons on All-Star hopes: ‘if you guys want me there, keep voting!’

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Andrelton Simmons had one final game to prove he should earn the American League's Final Vote in the All-Star Game and he made the case for himself with three hits

- Andrelton, this offense showed up tonight. You guys got production from top to bottom. How important is this balance going to be to start gaining some ground in the division?

- It's important. We know we have a good offense. And we just got to get going.

And then tonight, we showed what we're capable of. And we got to just keep doing what we did tonight. And we're going to be in a good shape.

- Unfortunately, Garrett Richards had to leave the game early. But the bullpen really stepped up. They gave you guys every chance to win. What did you see from those arms tonight?

- They gave it their all. Everybody came out there. They were ready, made pitches, two extra innings. They did everything possible to give us a chance. And hats off to them.

- Now we have been pushing vote Simba all game. And what a game you had here tonight. Are you just trying to prove to everybody that you deserve a nod to the all-star game?

- Man, if I make it, I'll be really honored, man. I've been showing all the support, all the love. I've been seeing it. And I mean, if you guys want me there, just keep voting.

- Congratulations on a great game.

- Thank you.