Luring the King: Skip Bayless on reports the Lakers are one of the finalists to land LeBron

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In his reaction to reports that the Los Angeles Lakers are one of four finalists to land LeBron James in the off season, Skip Bayless explains to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor how LeBron needs to stay in Cleveland and starting over with a young team isn't the best move for King James.

- I must tell you, the more I think about this, I can't even deal with LeBron going to Los Angeles to end his career. I just can't. Look, this is just the truth. He belongs in Cleveland, Ohio. He's from Akron, obviously. He's a Northeast Ohio born and raised, right?


- You've got to finish there Dan Gilbert just showed you with desperately creative trades in the 11th hour and it was boom, boom, boom, it was highly impressive. And I'm not saying they're the most talented team in the history of basketball.

But there's enough there to make a run this year. And you can continue to finesse and tweak in the off season and add. And you've still got that pick now. You've got that pick.

- And if that ping pong ball somehow magically--

- OK

- --lands on them at number one-- because it looks like Ayton or Mamba, the big kid from Texas, or you've got Bagley, you've got Michael Porter.

- Bagley last night, Bagley was special, oh.

- With a monster, but even him being a monster, that DeAndre Ayton.

- He's-- he just plays angry at 17.

- So now you've got, you've got that, Chip?

- You put him in the mix.

- You got that, Chip?

- OK, I got it. It just feels wrong to think that LeBron is going to do it again and leave again and go to a Los-- whatever. Now, let's deal with Los Angeles. There have been stories over the last couple of months that Magic could be leaning away from signing any big ticket free agent this time around and wait for 20-- what '19 class which would feature, potentially, Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie, Klay Thompson, and go younger, younger, younger instead of LeBron and Paul George.

So let's do the premise. What exactly does Magic want if LeBron even, you know, Rich Paul calls up and says, my man wants to play for you Magic Johnson next year, OK? So where are you going with that? Would he sign for three years in LA or just one year? Does he want to keep his options open after a year.

- Skip, it doesn't matter. That's LeBron James.

- OK, I'm not sure about this. Because it's also Magic Johnson that you're talking about. This is just me. This is my take from a distance. Magic is so big in Los Angeles. And he is the Laker, right? He's the Laker. I'm not sure--

SHANNON SHARPE: He's a sports figure.

- He's a liter-- he's a statue, OK.


- So I'm not sure he wants to share the stage even for a year or two with LeBron. I'm not sure about that because he knows he's building something that could be long-term special. Just think about the pieces that are already in place-- Lonzo, Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle, Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart, these are fine young players, then Casey P. Isn't that old. And if you want to keep him around as a defensive specialist, I'm just saying, you've got a foundation here.


- I'm just saying, I am saying, if you want to wait one more year--

- LeBron James knocks on your door--

- OK, and do what with him? What are you going to do? Are you going to win the championship next year? Are you going to win the West?

- How about this here, Skip--

- Are they ready to win the West if you put LeBron in there? I think Philly is readier to win the East if you put LeBron in that mix.