Storytime with T.J. Houshmandzadeh: The Bengals had an issue with jockstraps

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T.J. Houshmandzadeh laughs with Colin Cowherd and Joy Taylor about his early days with the Cincinnati Bengals.

- I still can't believe, Joey, the Bengals didn't have water or Gatorade when you broke into the league. What did they have?

- I don't even remember. We didn't have bottled water or Gatorade. And it was crazy, because when we first got it, guys will be taking back packs full of Gatorade home every day.

- You were like in "the Water Boy," like, literal literal movie "The Water Boy" locker room with the bad water.

- The year before I got there, Willie Anderson was telling me, they didn't even have jockstraps. They would buy-- get a bunch of used jockstraps, throw them in the middle of the locker room, and say, here you go.

- Oh, god. That is not--

- Did you just say used jockstraps?

- Yeah. This is what I was told from-- and Willie Anderson was a first round pick. He said-- Willie Anderson and I want to say-- didn't they draft the running back from Penn State?

- Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Ki-Jana Carter?

- Yes, yes.

- So they were the guys that had money because they were a first round pick. So they just went bought a bunch of them and gave them to guys.

- I can't even believe these stories.

- Yeah.

- If you're not giving players water and Gatorade, what were they giving you, tea? Well, I mean, how-- I'm hot. It's 80 out.

- No, no. You could get water. You would just go to the fountain. Or you would get it at practice, like, honestly. But it was-- once Marvin got there, he brought a level of professionalism and structure that it was like, OK, everybody stayed in hotels for every home game, every team I've been on. When I first got to the Bengals, we stayed at home.

So as a rookie, you figure oh, I was inactive last week. I'm going to be inactive this week. You'd go out. You'd go out and just go straight from a club to the stadium on Sunday.

- God. I can't wrap my head around this stuff. This stuff is-- I got to go home, take a nap. And I have to understand all this stuff. Like, what you're saying doesn't make sense to me.

- True story. I mean, my rookie year, we did not stay in hotels. We stayed at home for home games.

- All right.

Well, I'm going to change, subjects because I can't get my arms around any of this stuff, that at a professional football team 20 years ago did this. He's TJ Houshmandzadeh. I'm exhausted from that. I don't even know where-- I mean, I don't even know where to go.

- Did you guys, like, line up at the water fountain?

- God.

- You know what?

- I think--

- I'm curious, like, what did we do? I think guys would probably just bring stuff in.

- You would bring your own water to practice?

- Now, when you-- OK, when we would have lunch in the cafeteria, they had water in there. But after lunch, they locked it. And so leading up to practice, it was like, you just wait till you go outside. Yeah.

- So literally, you break the huddle. Who's going to 7-Eleven? No, that's not the route we're running. That's not the play. Who's going 7-Eleven.

- No, we would have water like with the training-- the training staff, they'll get water. We'd have water out in practice. But like if you're just chilling in the locker room and you got thirsty and the cafeteria was locked, good luck.