Colin Cowherd: ‘Steph Curry is everything Russell Westbrook is not’

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Colin Cowherd talks 2018 NBA Playoffs. Hear his thoughts on Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors after last night's win over the New Orleans Pelicans.

- Steph Curry is everything Russell Westbrook is not. Westbrook lost his mind against Utah. Went after the media, Ricky Rubio fans-- lost his mind. He went from Mr. Triple-Double to Mr. Nothing-But-Trouble. I'm watching Steph Curry last night, and he is everything Westbrook isn't. And Westbrook apparently has so little self awareness, would probably not even want to be if you offered it to him.

Last night, Steph Curry was informed, you're not going to start. Can you imagine informing Westbrook, hey, you're coming off an injury. We're not going to start you. Can you imagine how Westbrook would handle that? Steph Curry's, like, I'm all good man. I'm a-- I shouldn't start man. I-- I'm coming off an injury. I-- how would Westbrook have handled that?

By the way, Steph Curry actively recruited a better player to the Warriors-- Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant's probably going to go down as a better all-time player. Actively recruited him. Westbrook, when asked about recruiting Paul George, it's not what I do, man. Winning's recruiting.

Steph, the best shooter in the NBA. In fact, I'm going to say he's the best shooter in NBA history. Took only 15 shots. He was tied with a bad shooter, Rajon Rondo, for sixth most shots of the night. Russell Westbrook, statistically, the worst three-point shooter the league has. Took 19 threes in 43 shots in his final game.

When you watch Steph Curry, he is the conductor of a symphony. He has multiple gears. He elevates others. He is joyful. It's fun, playful. He is a giving teammate, plus 26. Westbrook is a one-man band-- angry, scowling, tunnel vision, elevates nobody. But I think the saddest part is that Westbrook's the guy that's going to bang his head on his wall for the next five to six years while he plays.

That Westbrook probably watched Steph Curry and just doesn't get how great he is. Westbrook's going to take more shots and bang his head against the wall and put his head down and work out harder and jump higher and always be Russell Westbrook. Kevin Durant has played with both. Where does he look happier?

The fans, media, teammates, Steph Curry is a grown-up. He is thoughtful. He not only elevates, but he delegates. And Westbrook's habits are awful and getting worse. Last night was an absolute joy-- an absolute joy to watch Steph Curry-- a superstar-- be informed that he wouldn't start.

Totally OK with it. Played efficient basketball. Only the sixth most shot as the best shooter in league history and was totally OK with it. In fact, he didn't even press and try to get Kevin Durant more involved. He just played his symphonic best. That is what an all-time point guard looks like. That's the awareness of an all-time point guard.

Westbrook is an all-time dynamic talent, but he's a two guard masquerading as a one. And I don't think when he watches Curry he even understands the gap between the two. I don't think he has any understanding of it, any appreciation for how great Curry is.

Look at Kevin Durant in the NBA finals when he played with Westbrook and when he played with Curry. Look at the efficiency numbers go through the roof. Shouldn't Durant score less, struggle more to get shots playing with the greatest shooter ever and Klay Thompson and a deeper bench? The conductor, Steph Curry, one of my favorite players to ever watch, put on a clinic last night. Didn't even take a lot of shots, didn't even start, and was the most important factor in the game. Love that guy.