Follow along with Colin Cowherd’s final 2018 Mock Draft

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Ahead of the 2018 NFL Draft tonight on FOX, Colin Cowherd offers up his final Mock Draft. Tune in to find out where Colin was right and where Colin was wrong.

- I'm going to give you my final mock draft. This morning, according to Vegas odds, according to all my sources, according to people that I really trust, Baker Mayfield's going number one. I would not do that. Sam Darnold's my number one. So I'm not going to do a mock draft predicting what's going to happen. I don't want to be part of these shenanigans.

I'm going to tell you who I would draft, and then over the next years, I'm going to pull this draft out, and you can rip me, you can criticize me, you can mock my mock draft. But I'm not going to predict what these goofy teams are doing, because what I hear this morning is a quarterback who I don't even think is a top-10 quarterback, is going number one over Sam Darnold, who's the best college quarterback I've seen since Andrew Luck.

So I'm going to give you what I believe this is what the 10 teams should draft, based on value, talent and some needs, here you go. Number one, I'm Cleveland. To me, this is the easiest decision since Andrew Luck. Sam Darnold. Blue collar work ethic, big, trunk-y, arm, feet, coachable. This is a no-brainer to me. I know the kid. I love that kid. I'm a little biased, because I've seen him, but he is just-- this is what an NFL franchise quarterback looks and feels like. Big, thick, can play hurt, has, didn't have last year. He had to break in new wide receivers, had some turnovers early, but only had seven picks in his last 11 games. This is what I do.

Number two, the Giants. They say they don't want a quarterback, so to me, one guy that has zero bus potential is Bradley Chubb. He is, again, I'm going with the scouts and GMs I trust. He's a monster. He's the best pass rusher three years. He's in that Joey Bosa class, where he's going to be massively disruptive right out of the gate. Bradley Chubb of the Giants.

Number three, Jets. Josh Rosen. He is, to me, he throws the best refined ball. Now I still think Donald's got a lot of growth. He's kind of raw. Rosen throws an NFL ball, has that NFL pocket presence. Durability a concern. I'm the Jets, he can handle the New York media, smart kid. I'd go Josh Rosen.

Number four, Browns. They're in a division with Pittsburgh, who's got JuJu Smith-Schuster, who's got Antonio Brown, who has a history of drafting great wide receivers. I'm going with Denzel Ward. He's the best corner in the draft. I mean, you ask any football coach. After they get the quarterback right, they want pass rushers and corners. I think he's just terrific. Now he's a little small. Could he be dubious in the red zone? I don't know, but man, is he good. Good in big games, I'd take Denzel Ward.

Number five, Denver. There's a theory in the NFL, you don't take interior offensive linemen early. Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame, is a monster. Denver's a good football roster with a really shaky o-line. They're bringing in Case Keenum. Case is not a world-class athlete. Case is a 4-8-40 guy, little smaller, arm's OK. Give Case Keenum a fighting chance with Denver. Get him the best offensive lineman in this draft, Quenton Nelson.

Indianapolis, six. I'm not a big fan of drafting quarterbacks in the first round, but Andrew Luck, in all these years, the Colts owe him one. They've never given him a legitimate star at running back. Again, I'm not a big fan of running backs. I love Todd Gurley out of college. I think, actually, Georgia this year has a couple of terrific running backs. Ronald Jones at USC is going to stick in this league. I'd go Barkley here, little Reggie Bush, home run hitter, like him.

Number seven, Tampa. I'd go Minkah Fitzpatrick, terrific young safety. Nick Saban played him as a true freshman, and put him in a valuable position. He can blitz off the edge. He's not going to be an elite corner like a Denzel Ward, but he's rangy, he's a smart football player. Saban gave him a lot of responsibility early, and he also was a guy who played in big games and was better in big games. He was a guy that would rise if they played a Clemson, rise if they played an LSU.

Number eight, Bears. They got issues on that defensive side. A Derwin James safety, Florida State. , Again I've watched him. This is-- there's actually some safeties in this draft that a lot of people like, and I think if you're looking at the Bears right now, they got the quarterback solved. They got the running back solved. They got a couple of guys on the defensive line I like. Let's go and get a great corner.

Now this is where it gets dicey, nine and 10. Bay Area teams. Niners are at nine. I think there's one wide receiver in this draft who's a home run. It's Calvin Ridley. And again, San Francisco's got their defensive personnel up front. Now they also need a corner, but I don't think there's a corner worthy of the top 10 after Denzel Ward. And I think Calvin Ridley, even though he's small, is a terrific player. Routes, catching, again, coachable. Doesn't get in trouble. And I just think, again. I don't love wide receivers, but I think at nine, value, he's an explosive perimeter playmaker. You got Jimmy Garoppolo. You've got Kyle Shanahan. I think this is the spot you go get him. I wouldn't move up for him, but it's the spot I'd take him in.

And ten, Raiders, there's a linebacker out of Georgia. Every time I watch Georgia, he made a ton of tackles, and I think he's probably the kid I would go get. Roquan Smith. You can watch the video. We're showing it to you right now. He was just a playmaker on the defensive side, and I think Oakland's got a ton of issues.

They need corners. They need safeties. I just think of all the players available. He's the guy that's going to be in on more plays. He's going to be on more tackles, and also, he's a Georgia kid. So he played in big games against Auburn, big games against Alabama, big games against Florida, LSU. This kid's been in big games in the SEC under the bright lights, and he's all over the field. And I think Oakland's got so many needs, let's start with this kid, a playmaker linebacker.