Mariano Trujillo on Mexico’s 2018 FIFA World Cup™: ‘The team is together’

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Mariano Trujillo joins the show to offer up his opinion on Mexico going into their next match against Sweden in the 2018 FIFA World Cup™

- Mariano, do you expect Mexico to have a let down against Sweden?

- I think they've been playing really well. I think there has been a lot of pressure from the media, from former players, former coaches. They didn't believe in this team because of the coach, because of Juan Carlos Osorio. He has done an amazing job during the World Cup.

And the team is together. They don't care about what's happening outside, but inside. So I believe even though they haven't win three straight games in a World Cup, they're going to do that tomorrow. And they're going to advance as first in the group.

JASON WHITLOCK: Aly, I want to give you the final word on this.


Should we as Americans be rooting for Mexico? Are you on team Landon Donovan? Or are you on--

ALY WAGNER: No, no, no, no, no. I'm not choosing any team Donovan here. I am for the beauty of the game. I'm for it.

- Should we be rooting for Mexico?

ALY WAGNER: I'm for celebrating performances.


- No. You know, it's the biggest rivalry. It's OK if you are supporting the United States, and you're not supporting Mexico. Actually, it's even better if you want in Mexico to be out of the World Cup. I like that.

Because that's good for the rivalry. That's good for the sport. It's just sports. It's just soccer. So I don't believe Landon. I like Jermaine Jones. I like Bocanegra. And if it was the other way around, I wouldn't be rooting for the US.

- I'm sorry. I'm rooting for Mexico.