Ray Lewis: ‘I think Jimmy G is special’

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Ray Lewis and Jason McIntyre join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss Joe Montana cautioning 49ers fans not to over hype Jimmy Garoppolo.

COLIN COWHERD: All right, Whitlock, you agree with Joe Montana?

JASON WHITLOCK: I do agree. I think Joe's take is reasonable. And I'm sure Ray will-- you know, we crown these guys too early, but I'm ready to crown Jimmy Garoppolo. I've seen what he did in those five games last year and the two games he got to play in New England.

COLIN COWHERD: You get very emotional.

JASON WHITLOCK: I'm ready to holler. I'm ready to crown him.

COLIN COWHERD: You had the Cavs--

JASON WHITLOCK: He deserves the crown.

COLIN COWHERD: --never losing a game after Jordan Clarkson got there.

JASON WHITLOCK: I was emotional.

COLIN COWHERD: That's what I'm saying.

JASON WHITLOCK: This is factual. I've seen enough. I'm in the projection business. The guy deserves the crown.

COLIN COWHERD: We could put a film projector and rewind it, because this is a rebuilding franchise. They don't have an elite offensive lineman.


COLIN COWHERD: They don't have an elite receiver, an elite back. I like their front seven. They're rebuilding. The Rams roster can win a Super Bowl. The Eagles can. The Steelers can. If they go eight and eight, they should be overjoyed with their progress in the tough NFC. You've got to be slow-- we've got to slow down on Jimmy G. NFC is loaded right now.

- He can still be the savior if they go eight and eight though, Colin.


- I mean, come on. Listen, Nick Foles took over for Carson Wentz, and what do we all say? No chance at a Super Bowl. What did Nick Foles do?

RAY LEWIS: I didn't say that.

- Nick Foles--

RAY LEWIS: I didn't say that.

- --came through. All right, fine, Ray you were the exception.

JASON WHITLOCK: Neither did I.

- Listen, when Tom Brady took over for Drew Bledsoe, did anybody think he would be the savior? I mean, this is a franchise who had Joe Montana, Steve Young, and then a wasteland for a long time, until Colin Kaepernick, your buddy, saved them. Three straight NFC title games, went to a Super Bowl-- I think lost to your Ravens.

And now, they're back in the wasteland, four straight years, no playoffs. People want hope. Fans want hope. My New York Jets just traded up in the draft. We're excited. We've got hope, we're hopeful we can find a savior. We probably won't, because that's what we as the Jets. But Jimmy G, why can't we be hopeful that he's the guy. I got no problem with that.

RAY LEWIS: I don't think Joe is saying that he's not hopeful. I'm just saying be careful to crown him too fast, if you're Joe. I mean, you're talking about Joe now. You're talking about four rings.

- Nobody's comparing him.

RAY LEWIS: No, but I'm saying, like what I'm saying with Joe is I think Jimmy G is special. I do, I've watched him enough to think he has that it factor from the quarterback position. His knowledge of the game, his understanding of defensive coverage, the moment something moves or the moment something don't look right, he can adjust, and just his leg, his durability to get out of pocket is absolutely amazing. But when you talk about a team that doesn't have the team to go back and compete in the NFC. Right now, in the NFC, San Francisco might be 15th or 16th. When you think about competing for--

COLIN COWHERD: Personnel wise.

RAY LEWIS: Right, personnel wise.

- They did beat two playoff teams last year. And they went five and 0. They beat Titans, Jaguars, those are good teams.

RAY LEWIS: If you're still sitting home watching the playoffs, great job.

- Oh, come on.

RAY LEWIS: I'm just saying just give him time. That's what I'm saying. Sometimes we put so much pressure on people, that if he doesn't hold up to our expectations, like oh, he's a bust, oh, you paid him $137 million, this guy's a bust. I'm saying let the kid go do what he does. I think Jimmy G will be very special in San Francisco. I really do. But I'm saying I wouldn't put all the pressure on him, and I kind of agree with Joe Montana.

JASON WHITLOCK: And that's why I was one of the last people to put Ray on London Fletcher's level, because I didn't want to crown Ray too fast.