Rod Woodson: Eric Reid’s anthem protest won’t keep him from being signed in free agency

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Rod Woodson and Jason McIntyre join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss Eric Reid's free agency and whether his anthem protests will effect his career.

- All right, Whitlock, what do you make? Does Sherman have a point there?

- No, and you know, what Richard Sherman could have done at that press conference to me was look over at John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan and say, "Hey, you guys know him best. How come we didn't re-sign him here in San Francisco?"

That would be my first question, because the people that know this 26, 27-year-old safety best-- they don't want him anymore, and so you know, instead of having a conversation with the league offices and threatening legal action, start with the 49ers. Perhaps sue them.

COLIN COWHERD: By the way, I don't buy his argument. "Michael Bennett's fairly political." The World Champions just picked him up.

ROD WOODSON: Oh, yeah.

- Did they dump Chris Long or Malcolm Jenkins? By the way, the Niners picked up Richard Sherman. Like Kaepernick and Ed Reid have a similar situation-- they're not elite players. This guy was moved from safety to-- Ed-- to linebacker.


- Eric Reid. He was moved to linebacker last year. By the way, it's not like the Niners couldn't use help in their secondary. They would-- he was voted by Pro Football Focus the 30th best safety in the league last year.

JASON WHITLOCK: Not voted-- evaluated as the 30th best safety, and so again, his top five, top 10-- people are just running off at the mouth and it's great that he protested or whatever, but does that help a football team win, is what general managers are asking.

- Well, I think at the end of the day, we saw that board-- that there's multiple good safeties still out there that are looking for jobs. Do I think he'll find a job? I think he will find a job. He is a good player.

They moved him to linebacker after NaVorro Bowman left and came to Oakland, so they had a need at that position. He's big enough to play that position, so he's one of those hybrid role players. He is a good player. I don't think him taking a knee has anything to do with him not being signed. I think he will get signed.

I think sometimes throughout the process of the free agency, it's going to take a while. It takes a while where you want to seat certain players, and you know, I think at the end of the day, this thing goes through July. That's a long time.

They're going to have the draft, they're going to have more needs, they got a June cut, so a lot of guys are still going to move around. You don't need a home today to say you're not going to play in National Football League.

- See, I'm 100% with you Rod, but I gotta ask, why on earth would Eric Reid, a week into free agency, send out these tweets? Why would he say, "Nobody wants me because I'm protesting." He just nuked himself a week into free agency.

ROD WOODSON: Well, the Millennials think that everything that goes through their mind, they've got to tweet or say. It's really-- doesn't make a lot of sense.

JASON: That's a massive mistake.

- It is.

JASON WHITLOCK: It's a huge mistake, Jason, because again, I think it speaks to his delusion. And again, this issue of whether he'll be in the league-- he's going to have something to say about that. It's not just all on NFL ownership and the general managers, because they're going to come down-- at what price?

Again, there'll be a price that they will evaluate him at, and if he-- "That ain't good enough. I'm being treated unfairly. I want more money."

And that's what this indicates to me is like, he envisioned himself being, oh, I'm going to be one of the first guys snapped up and someone is going to pay me a lot of money. Oh, that didn't happen the week one? Now I'm gonna bitch.

COLIN COWHERD: Well, didn't-- weren't you somewhat surprised-- in 2015, Tyrann Mathieu was a great player-- he went All Pro. One team went after him and gave him a one-year deal.

Safety has frankly been devalued as a position in this league, in my opinion. It is a-- it has become an offensive-minded, pass rush corner league. When Honey Badger had one team-- the Cowboys don't have a safety of note. So I mean, he's not playing the world's best position if he was talented.

JASON: Let me go back to Whitlock's social media thing. Just take for instance, somebody gets hurt in offseason drills. It's June-- you need a safety. Oh, Eric Reid's available. Oh, wait a minute. This guy sent out a tweet. Richard Sherman's talking about maybe a lawsuit. No, nope. Let's move on. Who else have we got?

I mean, I can see that happening in war rooms everywhere. I just don't see the point.

ROD WOODSON: Well, you've got to hope that it doesn't happen, because you've got to hope that they want the best players on the team because they want to win a Super Bowl. That's what you have to hope.

I believe that you're absolutely right-- the safety position has been devalued, just for the fact, they're 75% sub. So you're looking for three good corners, or if you can get a safety that can cover the slot so you can stay in your base package. So he's not that type of guy. He's like--

COLIN COWHERD: No, they give him the linebacker.

ROD WOODSON: He's kind of an old school safety. He's a thumper.

- Yeah.

- He's an in-the-box guy, and those guys are-- they don't need him as much as they used to in the past. Like when I first came in the league, he would have been great in the National Football League. But today's football where it's 75% sub and there are three receivers, they need him-- they need more corners.