Eric Karros weighs in on Corey Seager’s season-ending injury

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Eric Karros and Frank Thomas join Kevin Burkhardt to discuss Corey Seager's season-ending elbow injury and what the Dodgers will need to do to replace Seager's production.

- So they got Petersen in left tonight, Kiké Hernandez is in center, and he's fine there, and then Verdugo is in right. Remember, Puig just went on the DL, too. But let's talk about Seager, he's about as tough-- I know the Dodgers are deep, EK, but he's about as tough a person to replace in the game, I'd have to think.

- I'd say position player-wise, that was the one guy that they really couldn't afford to miss. Because they have a lot of depth, there's no question, but their depth extends for a couple of weeks, not for an entire season.

So a guy like Corey Seager-- the Dodgers, I think what they do, is they see where they're at come trade deadline. I don't think you go out and make a move. You have to see-- they haven't played well with Corey Seager up this first month. In this first month, their schedule was not all that demanding. In fact, going into tonight's ballgame, the only team that they played that had over a .500 record were these Arizona Diamondbacks.

So they've got to get their own house in order. Once they do that, then they can explore options, but Chris Taylor is the option right now.

- That's where he's playing tonight, Frank, what do you see?

- I feel your pain.

- I need a hug, Frank.

- You're a Dodgers fan. You know, it's unfortunate right now. They got injuries to deal with, but losing this kid, he's one of the faces of baseball, watching him play through the playoffs effortlessly and the World Series, he's a young superstar in the game, I hate to see this happen. But the Dodgers got to find a way. They got a lot of depth, they got a lot of superstars on the roster, they collectively got to come together in that locker room and pull that rope together.

Because this team is underachieving right now and everyone knows it. And you're seeing Dave Roberts now trying to turn and twist some buttons to get those guys going.

- You know, and this is-- you know, obviously they're going to fool with the offense. They're going to see-- might as well see what Verdugo, the kid, can do while he's here. If he can play, I'm sure he'll play in the mix. But just defensively, I guess Kiké is the best defensive shortstop they have left right now, is that fair to say?

- Well, but he's so versatile and he has to play everywhere. And that's a problem. Not only do you take Seager out of the lineup, but now you thrust other guys into positions where you can't use them where you would have used them prior if Seager's out there. So Kiké may have to become an everyday guy. Now Taylor goes here, now that forces to short and then you force some outfielders to play.

As you mentioned, you find out if Verdugo-- Verdugo can play, there's no question about it, he just needs an opportunity. But what the Dodgers won't do, and they've shown this historically, especially with this front office, they're not going to go out and get held up for ransom. They will not do that. They won't.

- And one thing about Taylor, right, you think about the breakout year he had in center field, he is an infielder by trade. So it's not like they're just throwing a guy there who's never played the infield before. So clearly an issue with the Dodgers who, as we said, they're not playing well.