Nick Wright unveils why he is furious about the Chiefs trading away All-Pro CB Marcus Peters

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In his conversation with Chris Broussard and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright unveils why he is furious about the Kansas City Chiefs trading away their star cornerback Marcus Peters. Do you agree with Nick?

- They traded Marcus Peters and a sixth round pick for a fourth rounder this year. So a six rounder for the fourth rounder-- so you move up about 70 spots-- and a second rounder next year. So you traded Marcus Peters to move up 70 spots in the middle of this draft from the sixth to the fourth and for what will probably be the 57th, 58th pick of next year's draft?

That's what you traded an all-pro corner for? That's what you traded a guy who by a wide margin leads the league in turnovers for us since he came into the league, interceptions since he came into the league, the guy who was your best defensive player? Why? Because he knelt during the anthem and your owner didn't like it?

Why? Because he threw a flag into the stands and he got a 15 yard penalty? Why? Because the fans in Kan City thought he liked Oakland too much? This is my hometown, but Kan City has got some issues with athletes such as Marcus Peters.

There's a reason Travis Kelce, who gets flagged more often for unsportsmanlike or taunting penalties than Peters, is embraced there and Peters is not. And he said it there. He and Andy Reid had no problems. And he is absolutely correct.

The Kansas City Chiefs have branded themselves as a team of second chance guys. And I am-- I know Chris says we're not fans. I am a fan. I do love the Chiefs. That is the team I grew up rooting for. They have asked me to set aside some of my moral code rooting for them.

We're going to draft Tyreek Hill. Who we know brutally abused a woman in college and said, we are going to ask you on Sundays to look past that not character flaw, but that major character issue, because the guy is an amazing player. We're going to stand by Kareem Hunt, who I don't know what he did or didn't do, but I know he was accused of domestic abuse a few weeks ago. Because we only care about what they do on Sundays.

They have asked me to do that because those guys will perform. None of those guys have performed as well as Marcus Peters. Marcus Peters has not been accused of anything like that. And they get rid of him because of character issues? They get rid of him because he argues with coaches?

You knew this is the guy he was. You knew he was hyper competitive. You knew he had a temper that could flare at coaching staff, but his players loved him. His head coach liked him. And you move on from him for a second round pick? And I'm supposed to be OK with that?