New York Islanders Daily: Third Period No-Shows

BY Fansided and Matt O'Leary/FanSided via Eyes On Isles • December 16, 2016

The New York Islanders have had a scary trend of no-showing in the third period. It’s one of the plethora of reasons why they are a bottom feeder in the Metro.

The ways in which they get to these losses don’t seem to matter as much anymore, the results are what’s been magnified for this New York Islanders team. Throughout the season it’s been hard to ignore their third period struggles.

In their last three losses, which have come three in a row, the Isles have entered the third period tied and somehow they’ve blow it each time.

The frustrating aspect is that this is nothing new for teams coached by Jack Capuano. It’s become a regular issue. In the past the Islanders have had other strengths to rely on in order to keep them afloat.

    In 2016 the wheels came off. Their penalty kill has been extremely inconsistent, the power play is the worst its ever been and the offense is just not good enough what so ever. That’s also leaving out the Islanders defensive lapses of late.

    If you can think of any possible problem for a hockey team to have the Islanders got it. It’s felt like a long frustrating season, with a ton of tough losses but the Islanders aren’t even half way done. The Islanders are out of it before Christmas.

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