Carolina Hurricanes fill player’s car with styrofoam peanuts, make him clean it up

BY Pete Blackburn • January 12, 2017

Carolina Hurricanes defensemen Ryan Murphy got quite the surprise when he arrived at his car outside of the team facilities on Thursday. Inside his BMW SUV was an ocean of styrofoam packing peanuts, filling the inside of the vehicle from the front seat all the way to the trunk.

As you can imagine, Murphy was very animated upon this discovery. Thankfully, teammates were there to document his reaction.

(Warning: Video contains explicit NSFW language)

It appears that one of Murphy's teammates got ahold of his keys and managed to dump the styrofoam through the car's sunroof.

That right there is good old-fashioned boys-will-be-boys prank. The worst part of it all, though? Murphy's Canes teammates left him to clean up the mess.

No doubt he'll look back on this moment fondly as he finds hidden foam peanuts in his car for the next few months.

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