WATCH: Justin Gilbert talks about surprise 'move to offense'

BY foxsports • October 10, 2015

By Craig Lyndall

Justin Gilbert will be big news as long as he’s a member of the Cleveland Browns. His lofty draft status as the eighth overall player taken dictates that. As for now, though, he’s more of a story for things other than the cornerback position he’s supposed to be playing for the Browns. We’ve talked about him as a kick returner, and now this week the Browns surprised him by talking to him about being a wide receiver.

For his part, Gilbert was accepting of the role, but it sure sounds like another joke in terms of handling affairs in Berea. Instead of focusing on things that matter and keeping distractions at bay, the Browns were talking about Justin Gilbert playing receiver, which ultimately surprised Gilbert as the news hit the Internet and his texts started blowing up. Here’s Gilbert talking about it.

What are the Browns even doing? This isn’t gamesmanship to keep the Ravens on their toes. This is ponderous. I think sometimes people mistake gamesmanship for strategy. You win with strategy. Gamesmanship is just that tiny little bit of extra psych-out.

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