Vikings star rips into Fantasy players

BY foxsports • September 22, 2010

Give people a forum to speak their mind in 140 characters or less and you have provocative, diverse and controversial thoughts on the Internet. Give a sports celebrity the same forum, and you have this.

From South Carolina Gamecocks' Spencer Lanning (@LanningSpencer): Words cannot explain the emptiness I feel in my heart. K Mac you were and will continue to be the epitome of what it means to be a Gamecock.

Beautiful tribute on the passing of Kenny McKinley. Amen.

From cyclist Lance Armstrong (@lancearmstrong): If anyone has Bill Cowher's phone number then please forward it to Jerry Jones. Thanks, Lance.

Jerry can't answer the phone right now. He's directing an all-out search party for his defense.

A rant from Minnesota Vikings' Percy Harvin (@1GatorKing2):

Like yall dont know that all the pressure and some of the (bleep) yall say takes a toll on us too! I see yall tweets!

worried about ya fantasy football points when this is real life for us! Like the way some of yall talk about my bro [ Bernard Berrian] @B_twice it aint right

that man come to play every game with his heart in his hands! So what he had a couple bad games you dont gotta drag his name through the mud

Soooo, you get paid to play a game that you take seriously, and you're ripping people who play a game that they take seriously so they can also get paid?

From golfer Paul Azinger (@PaulAzinger): Posada pulls a Jeter..fakes being hit by pitch..umps suck!

For golfers, admitting errors and possible cheating is part of the gentleman's rules of golf. Luckily, Bud Selig and Co. offer golfers a daily catharsis for venting.

From Philadelphia Eagles' Jeff Owens (@jeffowens95): Who's watching Nancy Grace @ 9

Why we love Jeff Owens -- he's not afraid to get ripped by us (and his teammates!) every day for being a Nancy Grace fan. Don't mess with him.

From NFL free agent Gerald Alexander (@GA42): Ppl hate Kobe but pay big money to see him play....Ppl gonna do the same wit Vick. No matter how u feel bout him as a person. U WILL WATCH!!

This is true. Watching a possible train wreck is a great American past time.

From Florida Gators' Ahmad Black (@AhmadBlack35): The teammates are hilarious...never gets old lol

True. The Gators' offense is truly hilarious to watch.

From Denver Nuggets' Carmelo Anthony (@carmeloanthony): When I know something< you guys will know something. point blank period.

Actually Carmelo, twitter users will tell you when they know something. It's how it works. Ask Shaq.

From Boston Celtics' Nate Robinson (@nate_robinson): Someone tell shaq [Shaquille ONeal]to follow Me lol

We told him. And we didn't understand a thing he said.

From Atlanta Falcons' Kroy Biermann (@biermann71): Did you know if everyone drove the speed limit and obeyed all laws that there would never be traffic jams.

So why is there a traffic jam outside every stadium before and after the game?

From San Diego Padres Heath Bell (@HeathBell21): In LA. And I feel like we are ready

Most major league teams playing the sub .500 Los Angeles Dodgers have that exact same feeling.

From former NFL'er Fran Tarkenton (@Fran_Tarkenton): Last year Brett Favre look like he was 25 years old. This year, he looks every day of 41

The worst part is he's only 40.

From Arizona Cardinals' Steve Breaston (@SBreaston): Goat meat pretty much taste like beef, not to bad.

Finally. Someone who tastes a "different" meat and doesn't say it tastes like chicken. Major props.

From Pittsburgh Steelers' Ryan Clark (@RyanClark25): Man I should have played WR, change my name & acted like I was ready for love on VH1. Id have millions of followers by now. Lol

Ryan Dos Cinco does have a nice ring to it.

From Courtney Finley to Green Bay Packers' Jermichael Finley (Ajermichaelf88): I just got done keying ur car for parking in my spot in the garage. Don't do it again. U kno the jag trumps ur trucks.


From Penn State Nittany Lions' Robert Bolden (@rbolden1): Its official.. I am going to buy me a long board

The coaches must be thrilled right about now.

From former Los Angeles Lakers' and current Dancing with the Stars contestant Rick Fox (@Rickafox):  2  minutes to elimination show...I gotta pee

It's a tweet like this that makes us so grateful twitter wasn't around when Rick was playing in NBA games. TMI.