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Vikings, Eagles Can't Stop Turning the Ball Over (Video)
Philadelphia Eagles

Vikings, Eagles Can't Stop Turning the Ball Over (Video)

Published Jun. 30, 2017 6:28 p.m. ET

Carson Wentz and Sam Bradford seem to be in a giving mood today as the Vikings take on the Eagles, committing five turnovers in as many possessions

Leading up the Minnesota Vikings’ game against the Philadelphia Eagles, the talk was about Sam Bradford and Carson Wentz. If you did not know, the Eagles decided to trade Bradford to the Vikings nine days before the season started. He was preparing to start the season for the Eagles, but instead they audibled to their rookie quarterback, Wentz.

Since the trade, Bradford hasn’t lost a game and has looked solid. He had a mediocre year in 2015, but he looked like a new and improved payed in 2016. On the flip side, Wentz has also looked solid.  The rookie quarterback has dazzled the Philly faithful with his elite play and showed he is the real deal.

Everyone was excited to see these two quarterbacks go at it, but early indications are they forgot about ball security.


It started with a Wentz interception.

Wentz started things with his first interception at home. It was an ugly read and an ugly throw. The Vikings were in scoring position, but Wentz and Bradford may have had a bet before the game. That bet was to see who could turn the ball over more—because they were just getting started.

Just like the Wentz interception, the Bradford one was ugly. He had no business making a throw like that in the end zone, but he did and the Eagles took over. Looking to capitalize off of the end zone interception, the Eagles started a drive, which was ended by another Wentz turnover.

The balls slipped out of Wentz’s hand before it got to Darren Sproles chest, which led to the fumble. There Vikings took over and were once again looking to score, but Bradford and Wentz were trolling us all.

Bradford gets strip sacked and the Eagles recover. Malcolm Jenkins returned the fumble for a touchdown, but after review he was down by contact before he got up. The insanity of the game continued as Wentz looked like the rookie quarterback he is.

It was great watching him avoid the rush, but the throw was a bonehead one. He should have never thrown it, but he did, and it was the fifth consecutive turnover. Oh by the way, this was all in the first corner. Heaven help them.

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