Twitter CEO wants Brady to join site

BY foxsports • September 21, 2012

The Online News Association's annual conference for 2012 is currently taking place in San Francisco (2011's edition happened in Boston), and it's mostly a chance for those on the forefront of journalism and the online medium to network and share information.

However, at least one item of interest to Patriots fans came up through one of the conference's most notable speakers.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was asked who he would most like to see join his social networking service, and his answer? New England quarterback Tom Brady, of course.

Costolo not only admitted "I'm a big Tom Brady fan," but, like the three-time Super Bowl champion, he's also a Michigan alumnus, which has a lot to with his fandom. However, Costolo said he isn't exclusively loyal to the Patriots, saying he was also a fan of the 49ers -- playing to the hometown crowd -- and the Chicago Bears, according to

While Brady himself may not tweet, that's not to say that he doesn't have a presence on Twitter. @TomBradyFans has attracted 20,000 followers, while the parody account, @TomBradysEgo has earned 30,000 who enjoy comic gold such as in the tweet below.