Toomer headed to 'Broadcast Bootcamp'

BY Alex Marvez • June 6, 2011

On the day Plaxico Burress took a major step toward salvaging his NFL career, another former New York Giants wide receiver officially learned the league will help mold his post-football livelihood.

A source told on Monday that Amani Toomer will be one of the 16 former players participating later this month in the NFL's "Broadcast Bootcamp."

The program was designed to help current and former players pursue media careers. Because of the NFL lockout, only former players will be involved in this year's sessions, set for June 20-23.

A 13-year member of the Giants (1996-2008), Toomer was selected for the program despite his scathing comments about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell earlier this year. In an ESPN radio interview discussing the league's labor impasse with its players, Toomer compared Goodell's power to that held by the Gestapo in Nazi Germany during the 1930s and 1940s. Toomer later apologized.

Toomer and Burress were key parts of the 2007 Giants team that upset New England in Super Bowl XLII. Burress was released Monday after serving 21 months in New York state prison for a weapons charge. He is expected to sign with a new team and resume his NFL career.

Antonio Freeman, Tony Banks and Dan Klecko are among the former NFL players enrolled in the "Broadcast Bootcamp." All will receive tutoring from members of the NFL's broadcast partners.

The program has proven successful in helping former players land media gigs. Thirty-six of the 90 participants between 2007 and 2010 have landed jobs in the industry.

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