Tim Tebow Eagles jerseys are selling strong

BY foxsports • July 27, 2015

There is no guarantee that Tim Tebow will make the Philadelphia Eagles' 53-man roster, but when it comes to his jersey sales, it doesn't matter. The Tebow brand is strong, and his improved mechanics have people very excited about what he can bring to the table in 2015.

Tebow's roster uncertainty has not held back fans from purchasing his new Eagles jersey. In fact, according to NFLShop.com, Tebow's jersey is the 16th-highest selling jersey. The only other Eagle with a jersey in the top 25 is the NFL's reigning leading rusher, DeMarco Murray. 

According to Matt Powell, a sports industry analyst with The NDP Group in Maine, it is no coincidence that Tebow and Murray are the two Eagles in the top 25.

"We saw Tebow's jersey sell well on the first go round. Any time a high profile player moves to another team, sales jump," said Powell.

Tebow's appeal to fans is easy to recognize in an NFL landscape crowded with players making the news for the wrong reasons. He is a humble and hard-working individual who will stop at nothing to realize his dream of playing quarterback in the NFL. Maybe we should applaud the fans for making his jersey one of the NFL's top seller.

(h/t Penn Live)

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