Snoop Dogg had the best questions for Cam Newton

BY Andre Vergara • February 5, 2016

Call it the Snoop-er Bowl.

Snoop Dogg invaded Super Bowl media day Thursday and was warmly welcomed by players tired of talking to the media. Even Cam Newton, who already was fed up after being asked why he was wearing socks with sandals.

Newton even said "Good question" when Snoop asked him "Is the kid in you outweighing the man in you in this big game you're about to play in?"

Check out Newton's response in the video above, along with the exchange when Snoop said three kids in the crowd wanted footballs.

"Depends on where they sittin' at," Cam responded.

"They sittin' right where they supposed to be sittin' at!" Snoop barked back.

"OK, say no more," Cam said with a smile.

Don't ever question the big dogg.

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