Showering optional for Seahawks?

BY foxsports • October 7, 2011

Showers could be a thing of the past for the Seattle Seahawks thanks to a new antibacterial body wipe that allows players to skip the post-game soap and water.

Seahawks running back Justin Forsett helped conceptualize the product, called the ShowerPill, and began introducing it to his teammates this week.

"Normally you'll hear guys go, 'Hey man, I'm taking a shower pill today.' That means they're skipping a shower right now and taking one later," Forsett told KCPQ-TV.

Running backs are taught to always keep their feet moving and Forsett appears to revel in helping players crunched for time to do the same off the field, naming the product after the commonly used locker room phrase.

According to KCPQ-TV, the product is being marketed to everyone from athletes to corporate employees who work out on their lunch breaks and even kids who do not have time to shower in school.

At least a few of Forsett's teammates appear to like the concept, including fullback Michael Robinson.

"It takes me back to high school when I had gym class in second period," said Robinson. "At my high school, we didn't have showers, so you had to go through the rest of the day funky, or just not participate in P.E. -- one or the other."

While most teammates appeared to support Forsett's new business venture, some remained skeptical about replacing hot water for a wipe.

"Too many nooks and crannies to clean," said cornerback Roy Lewis."Let it be known, I better not catch you in your locker bathing with one of these. It's a bird bath, man.

"But it's a cool concept, though, so go get a ShowerPill," Lewis added.

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