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Russell Wilson boldly wears own jersey to camp
National Football League

Russell Wilson boldly wears own jersey to camp

Published Jul. 28, 2022 4:17 p.m. ET

Newly acquired Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson made a boisterous first impression in the Mile High City to kick off training camp on Wednesday.

Not only did the 33-year-old veteran arrive at training camp in Englewood, Colorado driving a tank of an SUV, but he also made a bold decision to sport his own jersey — a move that few on social media have ever seen.

As expected, his fashion statement generated a lot of discussion, with many chastising his choice despite his jersey being the No. 1 selling jersey in the league.


Tuesday, Colin Cowherd voiced his opinion in favor of the veteran QB entering his 11th NFL season.

"The Kardashians changed everything," Cowherd said. "Everybody is a brand. Tom Brady is wearing ‘The TB12 Method’ everywhere he goes, so if [Wilson] wants to wear his own jersey, Tom Brady is wearing all sorts of Tom Brady stuff.

"In 2022, every guy thinks they are tough. I find Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson, to be honest with you and it's kind of refreshing. Kind of dorky. Kind of hopeful. They are kind of optimistic."

Russell Wilson shows up to Broncos training camp in own jersey

Russell Wilson got football fans' attentions when he wore his own jersey to Denver Broncos training camp. Colin Cowherd reacts to Wilson's fashion decision.

Cowherd added that he believes the narrative that drives the "tough" and "cool" culture we currently live in is pushed by the media.

"They did a study years ago on the media, comparing them to the average American. The media drinks more than the average public. Gossips more than the average public. And being cool is more important to the media. It isn't until recently that we felt Brady was a little cool. You guys called him a dork for 15 to 20 years in New England. I heard Peyton Manning is a dork. They are all my favorite guys.

"The media loves Aaron Rodgers — I find him off-putting," Cowherd added. "He has to be the smartest guy in the room. Prickly. Great with a lead but often disappears like the fourth quarter at Lambeau Field against the [San Francisco] 49ers."


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