Report: Hernandez gets 30 days in isolation for jail fight

BY foxsports • February 27, 2014

Aaron Hernandez has been punished for his involvement in an altercation with a fellow inmate at Bristol County Jail by being relocated to a more restrictive unit for 30 days, reports.

Hernandez must now spend 23 hours a day in his new cell located in an isolated part of the jail. He will be allowed only one hour of recreational time per day and he will eat meals in his cell as well, according to NECN. In addition, the former New England Patriots tight end was previously allowed to be out of handcuffs at times when he was out of his cell, but now Hernandez must wear waist chains and leg irons.

According to reports, Hernandez was not in handcuffs at the time of the incident, but the other inmate was restrained. Sources told TMZ the victim, who was beaten up "€œpretty badly,"€ could "barely defend himself"€ from Hernandez'€™s "€œbrutal" assault.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said his office will be reviewing why the two men were out of their cells at the same time.

"I'€™m not happy that there may have been a breakdown in our system -- in our protocols,"€ Hodgson told "When we have failures, the first thing we look at and I look at is, No. 1, how did this happen? And No. 2, how do we make sure this doesn'€™t happen again?"

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