Ravens' Harbaugh wouldn't want any other quarterback than Flacco

BY foxsports • May 29, 2015

Ravens coach John Harbaugh has already proclaimed Joe Flacco as the best quarterback in the league, so it's no wonder he was fired up after Thursday's practice when asked about Flacco's progress with a new coordinator and some new weapons. 

"Joe Flacco's been a great quarterback from the day he got here," Harbaugh said CSN Baltimore. "You want to look back and say this has been the most talented offense in the National Football League for the last seven years and they carried Joe Flacco, you can say that if you want but it's ridiculous.

"Joe Flacco is a great player, he's only going to get better. He's hitting the peak of his career, and I wouldn't want any other quarterback in the National Football League, period, end of story. So just write that and be done with it, because that's the last I really want to hear about it. This guy is a superstar in the National Football League."

It's good to see that Harbaugh agrees with retired NBA superstar Steve Nash

h/t: Video courtesy of CSN Baltimore

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