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The People's Sports Podcast talks game shows, Julian Edelman, Yosemite Sam and more!

April 17

In the words of the great Ashton Kutcher, "Charlotte, you've been punk'd."

This week's episode was full of Aaron Rodgers content; as the host of Jeopardy, he's really making headlines.

Mark Titus and Charlotte Wilder went on to list their dream athletes to be game show hosts, talked trophies and the Hall of Fame – Julian Edelman, perhaps? – and pitched a movie idea that Hollywood would be stupid to ignore.

What is this movie pitch, you ask?

Well, last week, the two discussed "Space Jam 2." This time, Mark and Charlotte want a feature on the anti-hero Yosemite Sam – also known as Samuel Rosenbaum – with his past displayed in cinema noir.

The plotline is dark, twisted, well-thought-out and aligned perfectly with "Looney Tunes."

Mark and Charlotte literally went down a rabbit hole trying to tie all the loose ends into one cinematic masterpiece, including a running theme of rabbits.

"It's gotten to a point where I'm talking to people I know who are in the film business being like, 'Hear me out. This is a great idea.' We need to figure out the intellectual property," Charlotte said.

Charlotte's celebration of her blockbuster film concept quickly turned to heartache when she was forced to divulge her greatest fear: Former New England Patriots receiver Edelman coming out of retirement to join his friends Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski down in Tampa. I mean, Tampa Bay is a hopping "retirement" community these days.

"The thought of Edelman going to Tampa makes me sick to my stomach ... it's going to happen, Mark," she said. "He said he retired. He said, 'The wheels came off. I need to retire for my body,' but Gronk said that ... I feel kind of like all my friends moved away."

While Charlotte faces an existential crisis to decide if she has to become a Bucs fan, at least she has the always consistent Rodgers brothers to rely on.

Surprisingly enough, Mark was the one who put Aaron on his list of athletes he'd want to host a game show or reality show. He cited his list as his favorite yet — likely because of how he outwitted arguably the wittiest person we know, Charlotte.

"Do I have to explain all these to you?" he said. "You got Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes, you got Pete Rhodes, surely — 'You bet your life.' Jameis Winston stole crab legs, and George Brett crapped his pants. I punk'd you, Charlotte. I got you! ... Can you imagine the coincidence if I came up with all of these?"

For that, Charlotte awarded Mark the monster golf award. To hear what that is, along with the other strange trophies out in the world, check out the full episode below!

Special shout-out to Mark this week for his man bun. Marina Del Mark is in full force.

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