One stat proves the San Francisco 49ers can beat only one team

BY Nunzio Ingrassia • December 24, 2016

The San Francisco 49ers could have one of the best records in the NFL if they could have the league schedule them to play the Los Angeles Rams much more often.

The 49ers picked up their second win of the season Saturday, ending their 13-game losing streak. So what do the Niners’ wins have in common? They both came against the Rams, 14 weeks apart.

But if you take it a bit further back, it goes to show how much San Francisco depends on the Rams for those precious victories. In the Niners' past 19 games, they are 0-16 against NFL teams not named the Rams. Yet they’re perfect against that one franchise.

So Niners fans, now you know why your team has only two wins this season.

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