Mechanic kicks 27-yard FG laces in to show Blair Walsh how it's done

BY Teddy Mitrosilis • January 11, 2016

Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh had a tough day on Sunday, missing a 27-yard field goal that would have nearly assured the Vikings of beating the Seattle Seahawks and advancing to the next round of the playoffs. The miss caused Twitter to erupt in disbelief, Vikings fans to lose their minds and Richard Sherman to do what Richard Sherman does.

On Monday, it also caused normal citizens to recreate the scenario in order to prove to their buddies that even THEY could have made the kick that Walsh missed.

A YouTube user named "Koleman Jones" posted a video and explained that his mechanic, "Trent," was running his mouth at work about Walsh and said he could make the 27-yard field goal laces in. So they did what anyone would do: They made "Trent" prove it. The guys went out to a local field, marked off a 27-yard field goal in the snow, had a guy dressed in a tie hold the ball laces in, put two "referees" at the goal post to judge the kick and told "Trent" he had to wear a Steelers hat for a week if he missed.

What happened? The mechanic, in work boots and all, drilled it! Of course, this is not exactly the same as kicking a field goal in an NFL playoff game but funny nonetheless.

Enjoy the video (note: some NSFW language at the end):

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