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BY foxsports • October 15, 2015

By Scott Sargent

Josh McCown may have thrown for over 1,000 yards over the past three weeks, but those thinking it changes his role with the team may want to think again. FOX Sports’ Pete Schrager joined Colin Cowherd on Wednesday afternoon and had the following to say:

“McCown is 36 years old,” said Schrager. “It’s a great story and he’s playing tremendously, but they have a very interesting situation in their quarterbacks room right now. Last year, it was Hoyer and Manziel. I’ll tell you right now that those two did not get along—it was contentious. Hoyer was in a free agent, contract year so he was trying to play for his job. Now, though, they bring in McCown who—as Peter King and whoever else has mentioned a million times… He wants to be a coach long term. They told him, ‘We’ll bring you in, we’ll pay you money, but you have to be the mentor and understand that when the time is right, you’re going to hand that torch to Johnny.”

Schrager also discussed the importance of Cleveland’s quarterback coach, Kevin O’Connell, and his history of mentorship. What this means for Manziel going forward remains to be seen. As of Week 6, the Browns have no reason to pass that torch any time soon, and could the team go into this winter with what will likely be a high draft selection and not use it on a quarterback?

Good news is that as bad as the tension was in the Browns’ quarterback room a season ago, it appears that there is none whatsoever this season. It’s been a long time since we have heard anything positive regarding Berea. 

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