John Brown feels great this offseason after cutting fast food

BY foxsports • June 19, 2015

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver John Brown knew something needed to change in his diet this offseason. It got so bad to the point last season where he was getting heartburn during practice. 

"I actually was eating it and had heartburn," Brown told ESPN. "And once I got the heartburn, it was bad. I was kind of whining to my mom and she made me take the pills. And after that I was like, 'I'm done with it.' 

"I'm surprised I left it alone for good."

It wasn't easy letting it go. Brown still drives by McDonalds sometimes and thinks about going in, but always thinks better of it.

"I'd think about it and the heartburn and how my body broke down -- just feeling the way I'm feeling -- I can't mess with it no more," Brown said.

Head coach Bruce Arians is noticing a big difference in the way Brown is practicing this offseason.

"A lot more different," Arians said. "A lot faster because he knows what he's doing. He handles himself totally different."

Brown feels like a different person this offseason. He has learned to cook healthy food and believes his new lifestyle will lead to a more productive 2015 season.

"As I went to training and practicing and then coming back to OTAs, I felt a lot better and I feel real good about it," Brown said. "And a lot of players on the team see the difference."

(h/t ESPN)

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