Jets need to replace Chan Gailey for 2017

BY Fansided and Luis Tirado Jr./FanSided via The Jet Press • December 30, 2016

The New York Jets need to install a new offensive system that caters to the strengths of their team. Sadly, this isn’t the case anymore with offensive coordinator Chan Gailey.

When the New York Jets brought in Chan Gailey to be their new offensive coordinator in 2015, everyone knew he was capable of making an offense centered around the strength of his players. Needless to say last season, the Jets had a wonderful offense that broke franchise records and truly pushed the envelope.

At this point in time, it’s hard to believe that after just one season, the Jets offense has turned into a complete and utter disaster. They were inefficient in the red zone, unable to score touchdowns to keep up with opponents, and had an insane amount of turnovers.

The dreams of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick returning to glory were nothing more than false hope. Not only was he benched several times this season, but he led the NFL in interceptions for the majority of the year. Their rushing attack, which was thought to be a strength of the team, failed to do much of anything since Gailey relied heavily on a lackluster passing game.

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    Throw in injuries to key starters and inconsistency on the Jets offensive line, it all leads to some pretty bad memories. After all that, Gailey still continued to call some rather bizarre plays that left many wondering if he was even paying attention to what was happening on the gridiron.

    Considering that Gailey found much success in 2015 thanks to the familiarity Fitzpatrick had under center, it’s safe to say both will pretty much be gone come 2017. The Jets will more than likely go through a massive overhaul and it all starts with the coaches.

    It’s unclear if the Jets will still keep head coach Todd Bowles in position but they should absolutely cut ties with Gailey. He had atrocious playcalling all season long and it’s time they bring in a new offensive coordinator that can bring smarter playcalling to the table and keep opponents guessing as to what is coming next.

    Overall, if the Jets are able to bring in a new offensive coordinator that knows how to have proper playcalling during the heat of battle on the gridiron, the Jets should hopefully be able to be more productive on offense. It’s time the Jets get rid of coaches that are holding the team back and bring in more capable minds that know what to call at any given time.

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