Hochuli ran, funded ref boot camp?

BY foxsports • September 27, 2012

Now that the lockout of the NFL referees has come and gone, the league and its players are ready to move on with their full-time officials. Even though fans are happy to see the replacements go, there are real concerns about how sharp the regular referees will be in their first week back on the job.

During the player's lockout last summer, some teams had unofficial workouts that were hosted by team leaders. Apparently Ed Hochuli did something similar this year to keep his fellow refs in game shape.

According to CBS Sports, Hochuli distributed game film to over 100 regular NFL referees and then held conference calls so that they could evaluate the tape and calls from each game.

Recognized mainly by his large muscular build and medium shirt, Hochuli has become a fan favorite in recent years due to his detailed explanation of calls. According to CBS sources, all of the money that went into this referee training came out of Hochuli’s own pocket, but that’s not a big investment considering his hefty new salary.