Giants fans harass wrong Matt Dodge

Published Dec. 20, 2010 12:00 a.m. EST

Sharing the name of an NFL player might seem like a fun prospect but it did not bode well for a man who shared the name of hapless Giants punter Matt Dodge, reported Monday.

The lesser-known Dodge began receiving hateful messages on his Twitter account following the Giants’ shocking 38-31 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles at New Meadowlands Stadium on Sunday.

Dodge (the punter) became New York’s goat after he mistakenly kicked the ball directly to Eagles speedy wideout DeSean Jackson with 14 seconds left in regulation. Jackson promptly returned the ball 65 yards for the game-winning touchdown, capping Philadelphia’s remarkable 21-point fourth-quarter comeback.

Messages from angry fans sent to the wrong Dodge included, “You need to go into witness protection… NOOOOW!!!!” and “You better run run.”

Upon noticing the onslaught of unkind remarks, the non-punting Dodge wrote, “Woah, just got hella twitter spammed thanks to that ... damn NY Giants punter, also named matt dodge. Think he'll buy my account?”


But one Giants fan quipped, “I know this isn't the #NYGiants punter @mattdodge but do you want the job???”

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin said after the game that although Dodge was directed to kick the ball out of bounds, the rookie punter received a high snap that forced him to get the kick off more quickly and with less accuracy.

The error cost New York the game and the lead in the NFC East with just two games remaining in the regular season.