Do Marshawn Lynch quotes as pickup lines work? 'Maybe'

BY foxsports • February 8, 2015

All those awkward press conferences with Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch gave us plenty to laugh at and talk about.

But would his one-liners work on the ladies?

Somebody put together a video of a guy hitting on women at a college campus with the caveat that he could only use lines from Lynch's press conferences when he spoke.

Some of it's kind of painful, most of it just gets confused looks in return. But every once in a while the guy does manage to get a number (hint: "Maybe?" while holding forth your phone seems to be the best bet). 

Call it Beauty and the Beast Mode.

You can watch the video below: (Note: There's profanity in the last few seconds)

(h/t: FTW)

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