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Colin Cowherd predicts the NFL starting quarterbacks for Week 1

March 4

Colin Cowherd sees the future.

And in it, there are some quarterback shake-ups about to happen around the NFL.

On Wednesday, in his latest edition of "Herd-Stradamus," Cowherd predicted what will happen with franchises around which quarterback rumors are swirling.

Without further ado, let's have some fun.

Who will be the 2021 Week 1 starter for the Seattle Seahawks?

Current QB: Russell Wilson
Colin's pick: Wilson

"Russell Wilson will play for the Seattle Seahawks because [head coach] Pete Carroll knows for all the issues and the shots Russell Wilson has taken at Pete Carroll, there's nobody that could come close to replacing him." 

Who will be the starter for the Dallas Cowboys?

Current QB: Dak Prescott
Colin's pick: Prescott

"Contract negotiations this morning are reportedly progressing with Dak and the Cowboys. Also, they've already offered him a contract. ... Dak's also made over $50 million in endorsements. He's not dumb – this is the place for him to be."

Who will be the starter for the New York Jets?

Current QB: Sam Darnold
Colin's pick: Zach Wilson

"Today Joe Douglas, the GM, for the first time since October acknowledged he will take calls on Sam Darnold ... meaning Zach Wilson is their guy."

Who will be the starter for the Atlanta Falcons?

Current QB: Matt Ryan
Colin's pick: Ryan

"The Falcons' defense was the worst in the NFL last year. They were losing shoot-outs. He's 35, not 40. He's got two huge years to pay him. He's got now an offensive head coach, finally. Matt Ryan is not going to be the problem the next two years in Atlanta." 

Who will be the starter for the San Francisco 49ers?

Current QB: Jimmy Garoppolo
Colin's pick: Garoppolo

"The week after labor day, it will be Jimmy Garoppolo ... I do believe they will draft a QB. I do believe they are over the injuries – that's why we've got so many rumors. ... but he will be, first week of the season, the starter."

Who will be the starter for the Miami Dolphins?

Current QB: Tua Tagovailoa
Colin's pick: Deshaun Watson

"I believe Deshaun Watson will not play for Houston. And I think the Dolphins already realized, based on what we've heard, they are not special at QB. And if you're in a division with Josh Allen, you better get special at QB, or [head coach] Brian Flores is not winning the division anytime soon."

Who will be the starter for the Houston Texans?

Current QB: Deshaun Watson
Colin's pick: Justin Fields

"They don't want Tua. What they want is a star to replace Deshaun Watson. And in order to replace Deshaun Watson, you can't have a system quarterback. You're going to have to go out and get a star. I like Justin Fields. ... I think he's going to be fine, just needs a couple years in the league."

Who will be the starter for the New Orleans Saints?

Current QB: Drew Brees
Colin's pick: Jameis Winston

"Jameis Winston ... Jameis is a kid. ... he's in shape, he's been in the system, year two, he's cheap – Jameis."

Who will be the starter for the New England Patriots?

Current QB: Cam Newton
Colin's pick: Newton

"Cam Newton ... year two in the system for New England. He's going to start. By the way, tell me the other options? The Jets aren't trading Sam Darnold in the division."

Who will be the starter for the Washington Football Team?

Current QB: Alex Smith
Colin's pick: Sam Darnold

"This is where I go Sam Darnold ... they are young. They are talented – takes pressure off Sam Darnold, doesn't have to win shoot-outs. Alex Smith is gone. Darnold is a tough football player ... he is right in line with what Ron Rivera likes."

Who will be the starter for the Chicago Bears?

Current QB: Mitch Trubisky
Colin's pick: Alex Smith

"Alex Smith. He's got a relationship with [head coach] Matt Nagy. Nagy was the Chiefs' QB coach during Smith's five years in Kansas City. And by the way, how did Alex do as a starter last year? 5-1."

Who will be the starter for the Carolina Panthers?

Current QB: Teddy Bridgewater
Colin's pick: Trey Lance

"Trey Lance. ... I think he is probably the most underrated player. Big, strong ... they're clearly over Teddy Bridgewater, if you read the stories."

Who will be the starter for the Philadelphia Eagles?

Current QB: Jalen Hurts
Colin's pick: Hurts

"Jalen Hurts. They'll get healthier on the offensive line. He will have more time to throw, and frankly, it's time the organization gave a QB love for an entire year."

Who will be the starter for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Current QB: Ben Roethlisberger
Colin's pick: Roethlisberger

"Ben Roethlisberger. I don't want to talk about it. I think it's a stupid move."

Who will be the starter for the Denver Broncos?

Current QB: Drew Lock
Colin's pick: Lock

"Don't love this, either – Drew Lock. I think they'd like to move off, but they're going to lose the Darnold sweepstakes. I don't think they want to pay Marcus Mariota. And so it's Drew Lock, and his low competition percentage."

Check out Colin's entire breakdown below: 

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