Chip Kelly says his late father wanted to be buried in a 49ers sweatsuit

BY foxsports • December 14, 2016

Chip Kelly returned to the San Francisco 49ers on Wednesday following his father's funeral and shared an interesting story that helps explain why he declined to pursue the Oregon head coaching job.

Kelly told reporters his father Paul, who wore a suit his entire career as a trial lawyer, asked to be buried in a 49ers sweatsuit out of loyalty to his son. Kelly also said his father instilled a sense of commitment in him that kept him from considering leaving his team to take another job in the middle of the season.

"I don't know why college questions ever come up with me because I would never leave my players before the season ended and that's what I've said all along and that's the way I'll always be," Kelly told reporters. "So, if that precludes me from ever being involved in a college job, then that precludes me from ever being involved in a college job."

Kelly told reporters he coached Sunday's game before flying to be with his family because that's what his mom wanted.

Asked if he was offered the Oregon job before the school hired South Florida coach Willie Taggart, Kelly replied: “Nope.” 

"Everybody knows, if you want to contact me, there is no contact. I’m not talking to anybody about another job. I have a job. That’s one thing I did learn from my dad: they made a commitment to me, and I made a commitment to them, and I’m not searching around looking for another job when I have a job. I have a job to take care of.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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