Carolina Panthers' Cam Newton is happy and feeling 'pretty'

BY foxsports • August 3, 2015

Cam Newton has a smile that's contagious and is quickly working his way up the ranks as one of the more likeable players in the NFL. With a new contract under his belt, a clean bill of health and a strong receiving group heading into 2015, why shouldn't Newton be all smiles?

According to David Newton of ESPN, not only is Cam smiling from ear-to-ear, but he's feeling pretty as well. When asked at a recent press conference what the most important thing people should know about him, Newton made a quick joke before giving a strong answer.

"Well, hopefully they see that I’m pretty," Newton told ESPN jokingly . "I’m just teasing. I don’t know, man. I talk to kids across America and just try to get through to them, 'Just love what you do, man.'"

"Every time a person may see me I just want them to admire my love for life above everything. Yeah, I love playing football. Yeah, I love interacting with fans and you guys. But the real winner is that I love life."

To put this as simply as possible, Newton is the type of player who's tough to dislike. Sure, he's got a swagger about him both on and off the field, but Newton's confidence and pure love of life in general is truly respectable.

(h/t ESPN)