Broncos defense knows Aaron Rodgers will push the tempo

October 29, 2015

Broncos defenders know they're in for a race against Aaron Rodgers this weekend.

Stopping it is another question. At its height, the up-tempo Green Bay Packers offense is nearly indefensible.

"If you’re not ready and they’re playing tempo, that’s going to be bad, there’s going to be guys open, all kinds of bad stuff happens to you then," linebacker Brandon Marshall told ESPN's Jeff Legwold. "And he (Rodgers) doesn’t need much room to beat you. So it’s line up, be ready and play."

If only it were that easy. The Packers have mounted six touchdowns drives of at least eight plays that take, on average, 4 minutes and 42 seconds.


That simply means Rodgers hasn't needed the big play to beat defenses. He throws, regroups his offense in a no-huddle attack, and throws again.

The Broncos need front-to-back communication on Sunday. Otherwise, Rodgers could roll again.

"We’ve practiced and played against tempo," Marshall said. "If they push the tempo, we have to be ready, have our calls ready."

(h/t ESPN)