Brandon Marshall: Johnny Manziel must walk away from NFL to get better

BY foxsports • February 3, 2016

New York Jets receiver Brandon Marshall has dealt with off-field issues in the past, and now he hopes beleaguered Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel follows in his footsteps to save his career and perhaps even his life. 

Marshall, who was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder back in 2011, believes Manziel needs to walk away from football to get the help he needs to get back on the right path. Manziiel spent 10-plus weeks in rehab last offseason for undisclosed reasons, but has still been hitting the partying circuit hard. His latest run-in with police last weekend is likely to lead to his release from the club in March. 

When Marshall sees the trouble Manziel has been getting into, he is able to relate, saying that Manziel is dealing with a "sickness." Speaking on 'Jason Whitlock's House Party By The Bay,' Marshall credited his three-month outpatient stint at McLean Hospital in Massachusetts with saving his life, as he completely dedicated himself to understanding his personal issues, something that apparently didn't work for Manziel in his rehab stay.

"[Manziel] needs to walk away from the NFL," Marshall told Whitlock. "There is some immaturity there, but this isn't an immaturity issue. This is a sickness. I could relate to that."