Anonymous NFL owner on Deflategate: 'This entire episode is embarrassing our sport'

BY foxsports • August 21, 2015

Just about everyone's sick of Deflategate at this point. That includes at least one NFL owner not named Robert Kraft.

The entire process has been far too drawn out, and when it's finally all said and done, it's unlikely anyone will come out of this whole thing actually looking good.

Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman spoke with an anonymous NFL owner who really summed up the entire saga as well as anyone else has so far.

"We all agreed to this process," the owner said. "The union agreed to it, and the owners agreed to it. It's hypocritical for the union to say they hate the process or for Robert (Kraft) to put up such a fight. Robert didn't have a problem with the process when it was used against other teams."

The owner added, however, that it's undeniable the NFL's system is flawed to the point where it's doing damage to the league.

"I agree with Roger being the voice of discipline, but it can't be denied that the process needs major tweaking," he told Freeman. "This process has hurt Tom, it's hurt Roger and it's hurt the NFL.

"This entire episode is embarrassing our sport. It makes us look horrible. Think about how long this has gone on. This shouldn't happen."

The owner also took issue with how long and drawn-out the entire process has been. Here we are, seven months later, still squabbling over something that started with air pressure in footballs.

"Nothing like this happens in other leagues," the owner said. "Why our league?"

Good question.


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